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Ledgerwood Associates Hawaii, Inc.


“It has been a pleasure to assist clients with helping them to make their software the most efficient it can be”

Pat Ledgerwood

Ledgerwood Associates Hawaii, Inc.

So many things to do....So little time.  That's where we can help

30 years in Hawaii.

Working on a financial statement format that you just can't get right?  How about those payroll reports that you have always wanted to do? or retail sales reports?  Maybe you just want to modify a standard report or inquiry to suit your needs.  How about adding on My Assistant and scheduling tasks?  or E Tenant Care to receive rent payments online?  

We know you are busy and we can help.  Ledgerwood Associates Hawaii  hae been supporting clients using Sage CRE 300 (formerly Timberline Software) full suite of products in Hawaii for over 29 years.  Implementation, Report Design, Financial Statement Design and ongoing phone, online and onsite support have always been and continue to be supported of their Kaneohe-based office.  We can help get you there faster and keep your software running smooth and working for you.  Whether your are in Hawaii, Texas, Guam or anywhere, we can efficiently assist you with your support needs.  Call us at 808-265-1060.  


With the combined expertise of seasoned consultants and additional services that a larger client base can provide, Ledgerwood Associates has partnered with Skyline Business Systems of Oregon and then recently with Sockeye Consulting of Anchorage.  These partnerships have added expertise in all areas of the Sage Product line and access to all services and products possible to assist in the most efficient and successful installations and ongoing support.