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So little time. That's where we can help.   

We know you are busy and we can help.  With over 25 years worth of working with the software via onsite training, classroom training, online training, custom report writing, custom report modifications, inquiry modifications, export and import of data, we can help you get there faster and keep your software running smooth and working for you!   Whether you are in Hawaii, Texas, Guam or anywhere, we can efficiently assist you with all of these needs and more.  Call us at 808-265-1060 or email us by clicking here to see how we can help you reach your goals with your Sage 300 CRE Software.  

So many things to do...

Working on a financial statement format you just can't get right?  How about those payroll reports that you've always wanted to do? retail sales reports?  Maybe you just want to modify a standard report or inquiry to suit your data and your needs.  How about learning what the Desktop can do for you or adding on My Assistant?  

Sage 300 CRE Report Design and Consulting..... Wherever You Reside

If you are looking for Report Design or Consulting services, we've got you covered with the advice, skills and assistance that you need from professionals who have been supporting Sage 300 CRE (formerly Timberline Software) for over 25 years.